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Cameras Go Wild is a family owned photographic guiding company, established by professional photographer and veteran Aurora chaser Andy Keen.

We specialise in providing “off the beaten track” adventures and photographic workshops in numerous locations around the globe. For the past decade, we have focused our efforts on one of Earth’s most mesmerising natural phenomena, the Aurora Borealis. So far, 95% of our clients have witnessed the Northern Lights with our expert guidance.

We’ve been featured in national/international newspapers,  magazines, and several documentaries, such as: the BBC’s BAFTA nominated  “Little Stargazing”, French TV3’s  “Faut Pas Rever Laponie”, and Belgian RTBF’s “Le Jardin Extraordinaire”.

We are continually expanding our areas of expertise. From Aurora chasing adventures in Northern Norway, Iceland and Finland, and marine wildlife excursions on the Atlantic Ocean, to the Scottish highlands where we immerse ourselves in dramatic landscapes and the rich history of what has been recently dubbed the world’s most beautiful country – we present no shortage of choice for the intrepid explorer.

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Also Featured In The BBC's BAFTA Award Nominated "Little Stargazing"

Andy Keen is an affable chap who I met whilst directing a film about the Aurora Borealis for BBC’s Learning programme ‘Little Stargazing’. We chose Andy to be our ‘on-screen’ guide due to his experience and local knowledge of the Northern Lights. He couldn’t have been more helpful to us in our endeavours, setting up authentic indigenous outdoor experiences for the children and their fathers in addition to hunting out the lights. It was a real adventure and one of the best filming experiences I’ve had – which went on to be nominated for a BAFTA. Andy is a warm, approachable and friendly person who has a genuine enthusiasm for life and the natural world. He loves what he does, and it shows. Get ready for some jaw dropping moments that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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